Logic Pro X passe en v10.5.1

Une version 10.5.1 de notre logiciel préféré vient tout juste de sortir !

Il s'agit (comme vous vous en doutez), d'une mise à jour de service qui viendra corriger pas mal de bugs consécutifs à la sortie de la version 10.5. Je vous laisse apprécier la liste plutôt longue des modifications / corrections apportées par cette version 10.5.1. Une fois de plus, Apple sait être à l'écoute de ses clients, et la firme de Cupertino semble plus que jamais réactive.


Logic no longer quits unexpectedly

  • After a playing Live Loops cell is moved to a track with Flex Pitch enabled, and then the Flex mode is changed.

  • When making adjustments in the Spectrasonics Stylus RMX plug-in.

  • When playing Live Loops cells that trigger MPE enable software instruments.

  • When recalling a screen set that only contains a Step Sequencer edit window from a track that does not contain any pattern regions.

  • When performing tempo analysis on MIDI regions on a Mapped Instrument track.

  • When switching between drum kits while a Pattern Sequence is playing in a Live Loops cell.

  • Logic no longer hangs if a bus routing that might create feedback is created.

  • Logic no longer experiences occasional hangs when the disclosure triangle for a Track Stack is Option-clicked.

  • Fixes an issue where Logic could unexpectedly quit after moving a playing Live Loops cell to another track after the Flex mode has been changed.

  • Logic no longer experiences occasional hanging when creating a Performance Recording in scenes that contain cells using Take Folders.

  • Fixes an issue where Logic might quit unexpectedly when changing the Software Instrument assigned to Track Stack sub-track while the Step Sequencer Pattern region editor is open.

  • Improves stability with certain Audio Unit plug-ins.


  • Playing a Live Loops cell with a flexed mono audio track no longer causes unexpected System Overload messages.


  • When Logic is launched for the first time on a system with VoiceOver activated, a dialogue offering to change all plug-in windows to Controls View is now displayed.

  • VoiceOver now announces the Show/Hide Library command when it is performed with a key command.

Live Loops

  • A new empty cell region is now created when an empty cell is added to the Live Loops grid.

  • Regions created by a Live Loops Performance Recording are now reliably in sync when some cells are not set to follow tempo.

  • Live Loops cells that do not have Flex Time enabled now reliably play in sync when they are set to Play From Song Position or Play From Cell Position.

  • Live Loops cells now reliably play in sync when pausing and then continuing in cases where there are plug-ins that introduce significant latency in the signal chain.

  • Live Loops cells created by joining two cells containing audio regions now play back properly when the two source cells had different Flex settings.

  • The Copy to Live Loops command now properly aligns the copied regions in cells.

  • The Velocity slider now works as expected in the Live Loops cell Piano Roll editor.

  • Deleting a Live Loops cell with an open Piano Roll editor no longer unexpectedly switches the view to the Tracks area.

  • Fixes an issue where dragging a Live Loops cell containing multiple audio regions to the Tracks area could result in unexpected gaps between regions.

  • It is now consistently possible to enable Flex & Follow for all audio regions in a Live Loops cell.

  • Fixes an issue where Live Loop cells containing audio regions sometimes play a short interval of silence at the end of every other loop.

  • Regions created by a Live Loops Performance Recording that include cells playing Flexed audio are new reliably the correct lengths.

  • Cells now update immediately to respond to articulation changes made in MIDI editors.

  • The Velocity slider in the Live Loops Piano Roll editor is more responsive.

  • Switching off multiple selected tracks with their Power buttons now switched off Live Loop cells on those tracks as expected.

  • Includes various improvements in the behavior of freeze tracks in Live Loops

  • Live Loops cells containing multiple overlapping regions now play back as expected in cases where the drag mode is set to Overlap.

  • Cells that contain Drummer regions or Step Sequencer Pattern regions no longer incorrectly show recording options.

  • Drummer and Step Sequencer regions that do not start on an even bar now play in sync when added to a Live Loops cell.  

  • Live Loops Performance Recording now works correctly in cases where some cells contain compressed audio file formats.

  • The Event List editor now reliably shows the content of audio and MIDI Live Loops cells.

  • Live Loops cell region inspectors now reliably update to show changes in selection or focus.

  • Fixes an issue where take folders copied to Live Loops cells are sometimes transposed unexpectedly.

  • The Piano Roll Inspector for MIDI Live Loops cells now remains visible when changing the focus between the Live Loops grid and the Piano Roll.

Sampler/Quick Sampler

  • The Sampler waveform display now updates when a sample for an existing zone is replaced.

  • In Slice mode, Quick Sampler now reliably plays all slices in cases where the project tempo is much faster than the audio file loaded into the plug-in.

  • Sustain pedal (cc64) messages no longer cause held notes in Quick Sampler to go into their release phase when the “Play to End on Release” setting is enabled.

  • The Slice Play buttons in Quick Sampler now reliably play the correct slice the Snap mode is set to Transients.

  • It is now possible to preview audio files "in place" in the Sampler load files dialog.

  • Fixes an issue where the Cleanup Project command sometimes removes references to Sampler files.

  • Dragging regions with a forward slash (/) in the filename into Quick Sampler no longer prevents regions from being dragged in the tracks area.

  • Loudness detection is now reliably performed on sections of long audio files used in a zone in Sampler.

  • Improves compatibility of certain EXS24 settings with Sampler.

  • Saving over an existing Sampler instrument setting no longer prompts for the file path in cases where an alias or symlink is used.

Drummer/Drum Machine Designer

  • The Drum Machine Designer window is no longer hidden unexpectedly when the Reimport Original command is used for a pad.

  • Drum Machine Designer pads now show up on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar immediately after an instance of the plug-in is inserted.

  • It is now possible to join Drummer regions together.

  • Assigning input note to Drum Machine Designer pads now works properly when the pad is clicked before the note is assigned.

Flex Time and Flex Pitch

  • Regions set to Flex Time: Polyphonic now play correctly when the pitch setting in the Region Inspector is changed.

  • The Flex Inspector in the Track Inspector now displays reliably on Tracks set to Flex Pitch mode.

  • Fixes an issue where Blue tempo markers are sometimes created unexpectedly on regions with Flex Time enabled.

  • The Scale Quantize setting for Flex Pitched regions is no longer sometimes enabled unexpectedly.

  • Flex Time edits made across multiple selected regions are now immediately displayed

  • The demo song "Ocean Eyes" no longer transposes unexpectedly if Flex is disabled.


  • Third-party software instruments no longer unexpectedly show multi-output stereo configurations that they don’t actually support.

  • Modulating the Edgy Filter in Retro Synth no longer can cause an unexpected noise.

  • Fixes an issue where dragging the gain for an EQ band in the Channel EQ sometimes causes it to unexpectedly jump 24 dB in value.

  • The Pianoteq Audio Unit plug-in again works with Logic Pro X.

Key Commands

  • The key command to Select All now works consistently in all text fields.

  • The “Go To” key command no longer requires pressing an extra Tab before entering numbers when performed on a MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina.

  • Key commands now work while the mouse button is being pressed.


  • All supported ARA Audio Units are now visible in the plug-in browser.


  • Automation is now possible for meta parameters in Audio Unit plug-ins.

  • Recording Region-based Automation on Software Instruments in cycle mode no longer causes MIDI playback to stop working.


  • The Slip Left and Slip Right commands now nudge events by the correct increments in MIDI edit windows.

  • The window view in the Audio Track editor no longer jumps unexpectedly back to the region start when working with Flex Pitch with the "Select tracks on region/marquee selection" setting enabled

  • Adding a note after the end of a region in the Piano Roll now extends the length of the region.

Smart Tempo

  • Logic now correctly identifies the downbeat for short audio recordings.


  • Colors assigned to Takes within a Comp now display correctly.


  • Logic now loads MIDI files that were generated in Cakewalk correctly

  • Imported audio is now inserted at the playhead position, as expected.

Global Tracks

  • Fixes an issue where using the key command to insert a time signature sometimes deletes subsequent time signatures.

Track Stacks

  • Double-clicking a track folder that contains only one track now opens the folder as expected.


  • Opened windows are now reliably visible when first opening projects created in earlier versions of Logic Pro X.

  • The "Create Tracks and Mute" recording preferences no longer unexpectedly creates extra Stereo Output tracks when recording overlapping recordings in Track Stacks.

  • The Split Region at Marquee Selection command now works as expected.

  • Fixes an issue that prevented patches from being dragged and dropped into the track header.

  • The Join Regions and Join Regions by Track commands now work as expected when there are looped MIDI regions at contain no data included.

  • The Discard Recording and Return to Last Play Position command now deletes the audio file from the drive, as expected.

  • Projects no longer stop playing after a single beat in certain cases.

  • When multiple projects are open, the Play button now works with whichever project iOS currently in focus.

  • Plug-ins can now be added to channel strips when multiple projects are open.

  • The Mixer now displays reliably when multiple projects are open.

  • It is now possible to enter a delay value in Software Instrument region inspectors.

  • Multiple record-enabled Software Instrument Track Stacks respond to incoming MIDI as expected

  • Marquee selections now resize correctly to adjust to changes in zoom.

  • Catch Playhead now works with floating windows.

  • Link content now works properly in projects created in versions earlier than Logic Pro 10.5.

  • Locked screen sets that include an Event Float window now work as expected.

  • Fixes an issue where drag and dropping audio files onto the Sampler sometimes leaves graphic artifacts that look like regions in the Tracks area absolve the Sampler window.